When users launch Outlook Express for the first time, the Internet Connection Wizard automatically appears to guide them through the process of setting up Outlook Express for use with Okanagan.net account. This step-by-step wizard prompts users for basic account information and clearly explains all setup options along the way, making setting up Outlook Express easy and quick.

Incoming mail (POP3) and Outgoing mail (SMTP)

Your email address:  username@okanagan.net

Composing e-mail

To send someone an email message, simply click on the icon which says "New Message" or press CTRL + N. In the "to" area, type in the recipient's email address. The "from" area is already filled in with your return address. You may wish to specify a subject for your message, but it is not necessary. For now, you can ignore the "cc" and "bcc" areas, so leave them blank. Below this section, simply begin typing your message. When you have finished, click on the "Send" icon in the top left corner, or type ALT + S. To find out if you have any messages waiting for you, you must check your mail. You cannot do this until you have established a connection.

Reading e-mail

Once you are connected, simply click on the icon at the top of the mail program which says "send and receive" or using the keyboard, hold down the CTRL key and press M. New messages will have a small icon which looks like an unopened envelope. Old messages will look like opened envelopes. Double click on any icon to read the contents of the message.

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