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Okanagan.net General Information
Customers with Web sites may administer their own web sites, or it can be done for a fee. Site FTP access is provided to clients for their user area ONLY.

  • Multiple email addresses and Domained commercial accounts service multiple people with a single billing. Individual Usernames and mailboxes are provided, and one user may be designated as the master user to receive e-mail billing information, and to control access by other users, including specific site lock-outs or access times (for parental control or general office supervision).
  • Web site content must comply with the laws of Canada, which incidentally, are considerably more restrictive than in the USA. Your site may NOT include libelous statements, material classified as pornographic (especially child pornography), hate or racist material. You may not post copyrighted software, pirated or cracked copies of software, or material that is clearly the legitimate property of others. Be aware that the RCMP IS regularly prosecuting sites which violate Canadian law. Anyone putting up a web site must sign a statement indicating their acceptance of these restrictions, and their sole responsibility for the web content. Okanagan.net reserves the right to terminate any web site on its server, without notice or compensation, that in its sole judgment, it finds violates either Canadian law or local community standards. You should be guided in your page content by the following analogy: If you can find the material in print at any publicly accessible news stand, or as part of normal corporate sales or product information, it is perfectly acceptable as web content. If it is copyrighted by others, legally restricted, sold only when plastic bagged and sealed from view, or available only at "adult" bookstores, it is NOT acceptable. Please observe these guidelines, to prevent problems for everyone on the server.
  • You may not post, publish, reproduce, transmit or otherwise distribute information or material on the Site (a) constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability; (b) which is protected by copyright, or other intellectual property right or derivative works thereof, without obtaining permission of the copyright holder; (c) otherwise use this Site in a way that is contrary to law or which would adversely impact use of the Site or the Internet by other users including the posting or transmitting of other information or software containing viruses or other disruptive components.
  • If you are using free graphics archives or elements provided by others on the web, please be sure you have indicated the correct source of these materials in your page credits as they require, and be aware that you may NOT copyright them yourself. Note that many image types have embedded author ID information.

Suite 201 - 1974 Moss Court, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9L3
Phone: 250 - 860-2699 Fax: 250 - 763-2964
Email: support@okanagan.net

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