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The home of Bill & friends, and the source of demos, shareware, advance releases, developer info, Win95 & NT patches & drivers, and much, much more.
Win95, NT
A massive archive from CNet with indexed and graded downloads of every imaginable kind. Its only problem is speed, due to the huge number of users. 
DOS, Windows, Win95, NT
A Windows95 archive & gateway with a very nice format. Also includes news and program updates. 
The mother of all shareware archives, with >190,000 files. This is GREAT! 
Everything from Mac to Windows
The official IBM archive site. Essential for true blue owners, as all updates live here. 
DOS, Win3.1, Win95, OS/2
The fabulous Tucows archives, with a real wealth of freeware and shareware for internet and other related things. 
Win3.1, Win95
The Ziff-Davis computer magazine empire and software repository. Amazing range, and supplements most of the Ziff Davis magazines in print. 
Everything from Mac to Windows
A fascinating archive that has ONLY shareware and freeware with NO Nagging screens or other disabling items. Very nicely laid out, with both 16 and 32 bit apps. 
Windows and Win95
HP's master archives and product information. If you need updated printer, scanner or computer drivers for HP products, this is the place. 
Everything from Mac to Windows
The home of Apple and the source for all QUICKTIME movie software. Get your plug-ins here for both Macs and PC's 
Mac and PC Quicktime
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